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Products Category

UNITECH Electronics & Technology.
Inverters 0.5 KVA - 2.5 KVA
Online UPS 1KVA - 100 KVA
Offline UPS 0.5 KVA - 2.5 KVA
CVTs - 0.25 KVA - 2.5 KVA
Servo Voltage Stabilizers Linear
Type and Vertical Type 5 KVA
- 500 KVA
Battery Chargers - Customised

We have the best infrastructure capable of producing any fully finished product covering three segments of engineering, namely forgings, castings and sheet metal parts. The main items of machinery possessed by the Group are -

1. CNC Turning Centres.
2. Special Purpose Machines.
3. VMC (Vertical Milling Center)
4. Jig Boring Machine.
5. Cylinderical Grinder 1 Mtr.
6. Fully equipped Press Shop.
7. Milling Machine (MNTR)
8. Fully Equipped Forge shop.

Surface Finihshing Facilities

We have in-house arrangement for carrying out electro/zinc plating, zinc/nickle plating, powder coating and phosphating.


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