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How JHR Came into Being :-

Products Category

UNITECH Electronics & Technology.
Inverters 0.5 KVA - 2.5 KVA
Online UPS 1KVA - 100 KVA
Offline UPS 0.5 KVA - 2.5 KVA
CVTs - 0.25 KVA - 2.5 KVA
Servo Voltage Stabilizers Linear
Type and Vertical Type 5 KVA
- 500 KVA
Battery Chargers - Customised

Three ardent friends holding high qualifications and senior positions in various companies, sat together over a cup of tea and indulged in serious discussions with regard to the problems their companies were faced with. They also sought each other’s advice about the possible solutions. One of them promptly came forward to say that even if they suggested the best solutions, it was not sure that they would be allowed by their employers to implement them. At this very stage, the most enterprising among them, came forward with an idea of forming a consultancy firm to provide customized solutions to the problems relating to engineering designing, manufacturing and export marketing, where they would be at liberty to make the best use of their long experience and be their own masters. They also conceived an idea of setting up a modern Workshop to machine sophisticated parts. All facilities such as designing, tool making, machining, quality checking, surface coating, packing, etc. were thought to be provided in-house. It was proposed that the firm would develop & procure raw forgings and castings from the reputed manufacturers of the town, finish them in their own workshop and supply them to its clients – both domestic and overseas. This is how JHR Overseas came into being with JHR signifying the first alphabet of the names of all the partners.

Immediately thereafter, the Patnership Deed was written on 13 April 2013 and work on the project started in May, 2013. The work on the project commenced and was completed in a record time of 6 months. Simultaneously, the partners approached their respective contacts and were promised full support.

JHR understands their customers’ needs the best, which enables it to offer customized solutions to their technical problems. After carrying out a detailed survey and holding prolonged discussions, JHR presents a detailed proposal for a fool-proof solution to the problems.

During the last 3 years of its coming into operation, JHR has achieved a combined sales turnover of USD 1.0 million. It has now embarked upon an ambitious diversification plan to be implemented within the next 2 years in order to touch the sales figure of USD 2.0 million. A piece of land has already been acquired and construction work will start shortly.


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